Orthodontics & Invisalign

In addition to a full range of dental care, we also offer a variety of orthodontic services. patients the convenience of scheduling all appointments in one location. More importantly, it provides a consistency with treatment planning and observing patients as they develop. From as early as the first cleaning, Dr Jones is evaluating the muscular and skeletal development of the face. If she sees any areas of concern, there are methods available to guide the growth of teeth and jaws.. As a result, many patients have been spared from longer and more extensive treatment. Existing patients are evaluated at every check-up and a free orthodontic evaluation is provided for new patients of any age. While most patients can be treated in one comprehensive phase of braces when all permanent certain patients are candidates for two phase orthodontics, while others will benefit from invisalign or adult braces.


By the age of 12, most of the permanent teeth have erupted and are in place. Crooked teeth, spaces and mild crowding can easily be corrected with 1-2 years of commitment and cooperation between the orthodontist and patient. After completing treatment, all patients will wear retainers at night to maintain results. 


In most cases, braces are placed once all permanent teeth have erupted. However, some patients will experience dramatic improvement with early treatment and/or two phases of orthodontics. The two-phase orthodontic approach combines treatment of both muscle and skeletal asymmetry with the straightening of teeth. 

Phase 1

*For patients age 8-10 usually lasting 12-18 months.

What conditions are treated with Phase 1?

  • Extreme crowding that may inhibit eruption
  • Overbite ("buck teeth"), Underbite ("bulldog bite")
  • Crossbite which may result in unfavorable growth or uneven tooth wear
  • Open bites which can lead to tongue-thrusting habits and speech problems

What are the benefits of Phase 1?

  • By utilizing one of the major growth spurts, between ages 8-10, we can guide the skeletal development and harness the growth to our advantage.
  • Psychosocial: Many patients experience a dramatically improved facial profile and enhanced appearance. It is truly rewarding to watch them enjoy new self confidence progressing into middle school.
  • Phase 2 is shorter, easier and less expensive after having phase 1.
  • In some cases, no further treatment is needed due to improved growth.

Phase 2

* Includes new adult and teen patients as well as those previously in phase 1. This is comprehensive treatment that will straighten teeth, close spaces, improve confidence. For adults and older teens, we offer clear brackets and Invisalign. The clear brackets are just like the traditional metal braces, but less noticeable.


Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign system does not use brackets and wires to move teeth. Instead, patients wear a series of clear aligners that can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. An appointment is scheduled every three weeks to monitor the patient's progress and deliver the new aligners. The best part is they are practically invisible!

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